As a psychopharmacologist, I attempt to maintain the highest scientific standards and practice evidence based medicine. I also consider alternative treatment modalities such as diet and exercise. I believe in the importance of combining medication mangement with psychotherapy when appropriate.

As a therapeutic option, I offer medication management for clients who are already under the care of a therapist. Likewise, there may be clients who prefer to have their primary care physician prescribe their psychotropic medication but who wish to consult with a psychiatrist. For these clients, I am available for a consultation in which I will give my treatment recommendation to their primary care physician. It is my practice philosophy that the maintenance of an open line of communication between the psychiatrist, primary care physician and therapist be allowed.

neuronMedications can be very helpful for many psychiatric conditions such as depression and anxiety. Any medication, however, does have side effects, and it is important to take medication only when it is indicated. I attempt to create an environment in which my clients can openly discuss the risk, benefits and alternatives to medication treatment.

Before I make the decision to start medication, I conduct a thorough diagnostic evaluation. After starting medication, I take care to keep clients informed about their medications as well as monitor them for serious side effects.

It is difficult to say how long patients have to stay on their medication. Each person is unique and therefore may respond differently. Some clients may only need to stay on medications for a relatively short period, whereas others may require lifelong treatment.

I recognize that there are some situations where it can be very difficult for a client to decide whether or not to start psychiatric medications. These cases include taking psychotropic medication during pregnancy or in the post-partum period as well as when the risk of more serious side effects arise. In these more complex scenarios, I highly recommend the client seek consultation with a psychiatrist.

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